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What is your work process?

From a strategic standpoint, we built our work processes to sustain long-term partnerships and catalyse growth. This means that we organise your digital transformation in 2 main phases:
Consultancy phase:
The scope of this is to help you understand your brand’s digital potential, show and validate strategic directions, and guide your organisation to be able to support digital continuity
Application phase:
The purpose of this is to walk our talk, meaning applying the selected strategic direction and turning it first into a strategy and then delivering based on this. 
These phases cover different sets of services that have a well-defined work process. You can find these processes described on each of the service pages.

How can you help us from Europe?

While we have only 5 offices throughout Europe (London, Budapest, Târgu-Mureș, Odorheiu Secuiesc, Miercurea Ciuc), we figured out how to help our partners worldwide in over 27 countries. One of the benefits of working with our methodology is that it minimises the need for physical meetings and travelling (and you will spend less on our travel expenses).

What happens if we already have a digital strategy, but we need an application partner only?

In this case, we perform a digital strategy audit to make sure that we apply something that is in line both with your vision and relevant digital opportunities. Based on this, we are able to adjust if needed or start applying your strategy right away.

What should you expect?

Depending on the role you have in your organisation, the expectations you have should vary, but here are some common elements:
First of all, you should forget all the magical overnight success stories that the media is pushing towards the public. Behind every overnight success, there are (at least) 5 years of hard work and failure. Does this mean that you won’t see results faster than half of a decade? Of course not, you will have the first results in 6 to 12 months, but these results will not be the ones you are dreaming of. Be ready to fail and be agile to let us guide you through the ups and downs. Our responsibility is to make sure that you minimise your risks and have an efficient budget allocation for your pilot efforts that will ensure enough learnings to grow your MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to a mature digital product/project.
Secondly, digital is not the solution for all your challenges. It’s not a miracle pill that your business takes and the next day everything will get fixed. Our job is to take your hand and point you in the right direction to select the issues that are meant to solve with digital.
The digital world is more complex than it is advertised. While it’s important to set business KPIs when transitioning to digital, you will need to learn how to break down those goals to digital metrics, otherwise, you won’t be able to put your project on a growth curve.
Finally, what works for the competition, will likely not work in your case. Trying to copy-paste what others do in digital won’t be efficient as you are not aware of their digital background and strategy. What you see from the outside is many times just the tip of the iceberg, so we strongly advise against mimicking the market. In addition to this, finding your own way will help you differentiate your brand further.
You can read more about expectations on the service pages that you are interested in.

Digital Due Diligence

Understand the relevant digital opportunities for your brand

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Digital Feasibility Audit

Evaluate your next digital concept and find out if it’s worth your while

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