Pioneering the Future: A Digital-Fuelled Era of Talent and Creativity

The global pandemic showed things that were thought to be inconceivable can be put into practice and have proved that the future holds more than what we used to consider about it.
We believe that it’s our responsibility to help leaders see through the boundaries of today to create the future where digital helps people to have more time to do the things they are good at.
We are not afraid of technology and we don’t see the rise of machines as a threat that would make humankind extinct.

Long term

250 years ahead

In our utopist vision, we see a world where humankind has achieved a lifestyle where work has been redefined:
People use and develop their creative skills to contribute to jobs that are responsible to increase the standard of living (mental & physical health, social dynamics, environmental sustainability, etc).
No repetitive work is required, which means farmers don’t need to go on the fields, office workers don’t need to update Excel sheets, people don’t need to shop for groceries, and don’t need to worry about having a home that has it all to cover a high-quality lifestyle.
Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, for those who are skeptical, know that we are too. However, we think that humankind is on the edge of making it or breaking it. There are a thousand reasons why this future might not happen, but we would hate ourselves to be the people on the sideline only pointing fingers. Rather we embrace the challenges and believe that it is our duty to take action and be part of the tribes that are brave and bold. Those who have the chance to turn things around, and have a real shot at making this vision possible.
Also, 250 years can look too short, but think about where we were in the 1770s.

short term

10 years ahead

To achieve such a vision, we need to break it into steps that can be accomplished in the next 10 years.
From a digital transformation perspective, these are the 3 fields where we are putting our shoulders on the wheel because we see them as the cornerstones of the future.
Helping to shape the mentality of key decision-makers
To understand the difference between traditional business and digital business, and why they are not interchangeable

What does this mean?

In case your decision board feels the pressure to copy paste competitors, we show you with data why it’s not a good idea, and help you find a better path to your business goals.
In case your decision board has years of experience in traditional business development and wants to use the same tactics in digital, we explain with case studies why such endeavours won’t work, and form strategies that will assist your digital business growth.
Reconciling the relationship between data & privacy
By being advocats of a transparent use of data that helps businesses grow without exploiting personal information

What does this mean?

In case your decision board doesn’t know how to identify the difference between relevant and irrelevant data, we explain what kind of information is truly useful for your business, and how to get it.
In case your decision board is uncertain in defining the boundaries of personal data, we share our vision of integrity, and offer viable solutions that don’t interfere with anyone’s privacy.
In case your decision board is hesitant to implement a deliberate strategy to gather essential data, we initiate a discussion on mindful analytics.
Promoting sustainable digital transformation 
By creating strategies built on values that lead businesses away from growth at all costs towards preservable long term impact

What does this mean?

In case your decision board sees a great opportunity on creating “another Netflix”, we will advise you against it, and explain why it’s unprofitable to replicate others, and present viable alternatives instead.
In case your decision board wants to create a gamified mobile app that promotes palm oil plantations in Borneo, we will not be able to support it, but we will advise you to invest in sustainable projects that preserve integrity today and in the future.
In case your decision board asks to track employee activity with a stealth software, we will not be your partner in it, and we will advocate for transparency, and offer feasible solutions.
In case your decision board wants to invest in a digital venture that is destined to fail by industry standards, we will explain the whys, and offer advisory in selecting feasible opportunities.

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