Our core values are precision and integrity, which we take into consideration in all of our decision-making. Our decisions are based on provable facts, expertise, and sound judgment, reflecting professional concerns alone. We do not wish to meet external expectations or any political doctrines.

The size of the all-time Cognitive Creators team must be sufficient to execute digital projects of any complexity successfully. Quality is the primary consideration when growing our team, and beyond that, our goal is maintaining a personal and cordial approach.

Cognitive Creators operates in compliance with all-time applicable laws. At the same time, we are constantly striving to comply in an optimal way with the countries’ laws in which Cognitive Creators is registered as a legal entity, while minimising bureaucracy.

The functioning of our company must be ensured by well-defined processes allowing tasks to be independent from places or people. It is our interest and duty to build, review, and improve our processes regularly.

We preserve our Hungarian roots, about which we are not boastful, but we expect everyone we work with to accept and respect this.

We only undertake projects in which we are responsible for mere execution if there is free capacity within our team, and the project’s cancellation would endanger the company’s functioning.

Supporting brands in their digital transformation endeavours and helping them achieve growth through digital transformation with our expertise, is our company’s sole purpose.

We choose our all-time colleagues, clients, and communication without compromise, along with the following principles:


The members of Cognitive Creators can identify with the company’s values and agree with the present Manifesto. Our team members are intelligent adults who can work independently and want to belong to this team. They take responsibility for their actions, own up to their mistakes, and do everything in their power to eliminate these mistakes. Team members are driven by professional development, and are not satisfied with the knowledge acquired during their work; therefore, they also study independently. They respect that their teammates may hold different worldviews than their own and do not force their views onto their colleagues.


Our clients must represent a value system that is compatible with ours. We only undertake projects where our work can positively impact the business, giving priority to projects that also benefit society. We acknowledge that, at the present moment, we are not in this position as a company, but we are working to achieve this status as soon as possible. We are aware of the value of our expertise; therefore, we offer our services above all-time market prices. If someone wishes to work with us, they must accept our processes and terms. In return, we commit ourselves to the completion of projects within the promised deadline, as well as granting them impeccable professional quality.


Responsible, outspoken, and direct, based on respect and honesty.
The present Manifesto remains valid until it is modified by the all-time management board and made known to team members, with the owners’ approval.

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