Digital Due Diligence

DDD Standard


To accurately define your current digital status taking into account your industry specifics, your brand positioning, and applicable trends in order to show you potential digital growth paths that are relevant to your situation
Onboarding into the digital world is like getting into a race. To make sure you get into the right race with the right strategy, you first need to understand your current capabilities and limitations. What makes it even harder is that the race track, race technology, and competition is rapidly changing.
There are countless ways to fail in digital, and one of the common roots of going downhill is the lack of proper understanding of the relevant opportunities and threats. The shifts in technology, the changes in market trends and customer behaviour create circumstances that make strategic decision-making challenging. In addition to this, seeing other brands thrive in digital might indicate directions to follow, but without a thorough understanding of their activities, it can lead to pitfalls, as mimicking them will not generate the awaited results.
To tackle this dynamic environment, we have developed a 3-pillar methodology that explores your digital footprint and helps you start your digital journey in the right direction.

To better understand the DDD’s practical benefits, we have assessed a comprehensive white paper on today’s 15 most valuable European football club brands. 

Get the core insights that a thorough DDD can deliver to your organisation regardless of the industry, location or size. 

Pillar 1

Digital Market
We analyse how the digital market looks in your industry, looking at your close competitors and emerging brands trying to or already disrupting the market. Based on the collected insights, we help you see relevant benchmarks that can serve you as a direction for setting your digital KPIs.

Pillar 2

Digital Technology
We carry out a technology audit on your digital ecosystem to find gaps that are needed to be closed and systems already having a better alternative. We do this with a strong focus on data, as data is the building block of the future. You need to be able to continuously scale how you capture and collect internal and external data sets to grant you the possibilities of developing data-driven insights beyond your current business intelligence capabilities.

Pillar 3

Digital Assets
We map your digital assets and score their usage, type, and quality to see if you have the right variety and necessary strategy to keep, reuse, create, and scale a digital media library that can support your current and potential activities.

 Present the results of your Digital Due Diligence and consider the next steps
While the focal point of a comprehensive due diligence is on your industry, we learned that bringing insights across different industries is not only a source of inspiration but one for novelty. That’s why we will show you applicable endeavours that proved their impact in other fields and have the opportunity to open new gateways in yours.


Understand what are the risks that you need to mitigate
Learn about relevant opportunities, both short- and long-term
See strategic directions that have the most potential for digital growth

What to expect

The outcome of the process will help you see your brand’s position in the digital landscape and will show you potential directions where you need to double down to grow in digital
Your Digital Due Diligence report delivered by our experts on workshops and documented in PDF format
Shouldn't expect

What you shouldn’t expect

It doesn’t include creating your digital transformation strategy or a feasibility study of a specific direction

When is recommended

You recognised that the competition is moving fast, and you haven’t allocated the proper focus to digital opportunities (as your core business is still stable)
You see that you have reached the maximum potential of your traditional business model, and you find it difficult to grow further in a scalable way
The dynamic of the digital economy has impacted your business, and you don’t know where to start


1. Strategic kick-off workshop
to align on project goals and expectations, to set what needs to be done, by whom and by when
2. Digital Market Audit
to make an in-depth assessment of your current strategies and performance in order to enhance it
(2 workshops)
3. Digital Technology Audit
to deduce how future-ready your systems and software are
Multiple workshops depending on your current tech ecosystem
4. Digital Asset Audit
to establish where you stand on the physical-first to digital-first spectrum
(2 workshops)
5. Strategic overview workshop
to present the results of your Digital Due Diligence and consider the next steps

What to prepare

Please collect any available material on the following topics
Customer & Userpersona Yearly Report
Yearly Customer & User Persona Report
Customer Experience Map
Customer Experience Map
Competitor Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Technology Architecture Documentation
Technology Architecture Documentation
Access to Digital Asset Libraries
Access to/Overview of Digital Asset Libraries

Who needs to be involved

Chief Marketing Officer
Chief Information Officer
Chief Technology Officer
Chief Experience Officer
Operative support

Depending on the type and size of the project, may need to involve the

Marketing Department
Marketing Department
Technology Department
Technology Department
Sales Department
Sales Department


Standard Digital Due Diligence

Start your digital future in the right direction, today

Transmission into digital has to grow from the rich ground of analysis and strategy. To provide soil for success, we examine the whys of today to see the hows of tomorrow.

Custom Digital Due Diligence

Master your future digital activities, today

If you already have a well-defined digital strategy, but have difficulties understanding a specific area, then we can assist you in finding clarity. While the core pillars of doing this are similar to our standard Digital Due Diligence, the process is tailored to meet your distinct needs.

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