4 Ways to Use Pantone’s Very Peri in Your Digital Business Strategy

Get inspired by 2022’s colour of the year and take advantage of its proceeds in your digital transformation process.

Kovács Bea

Digital Content Creator

For the past twelve years, December has been when Pantone revealed its Colour of the Year. For the first time, the institute chose a newly invented colour. It is a periwinkle blue with a violet-red undertone, as stated on their official website, the PANTONE 17-3938 called Very Peri.

While colour theory might seem frivolous next to more serious matters in business development, 

learning to use 2022’s colour to your advantage or for inspiration can help you get a head start. 

Let’s see how.

Pantone states that Very Peri’s “courageous presence encourages personal inventiveness and creativity”. The institute also emphasises the colour’s high adaptability, which resonates with the penetrating changes we face as humankind. Focusing on how our physical and digital lives intertwine, Very Peri represents a confident nod to the rise of the metaverse, gaming, NFTs, and digital art in general. It’s also curious, playful, and dynamic. The colour PANTONE 17-3938 is here to give us a push in our new, imaginative undertakings.

But how can this colour benefit your business?

Here are four ways in which you can make use of Very Peri and what it represents.

1. Let it inspire and guide your transition into the digital future

Needless to say that the need for digitalisation has increased tremendously in the past couple of years. Symbolising transition and new possibilities, Very Peri is definitely a colour of the digital era. And more importantly, of digital transformation. 

Its violet hue has a strong futuristic aspect. It reminds us of hyperlinks, device screens, video games, and the horizon of the metaverse. If you haven’t started your digital journey yet, take note of the colour as a sign of urgency. If you are already in the process of digital transformation, keep experimenting with the possibilities of playful expansion. Digital is here to stay; so don’t let your business fall behind.

2. Consider implementing the colour in your business’ visual branding and/or in your new designs

It seems like a no-brainer, but let’s make sure to give credit where credit’s due. Very Peri is a light colour. You can easily combine it with a palette of other colours, shades, and tones. But although trends are to be considered, decide mindfully in what measures can you embrace the colour of the year in 2022.

For your visual delight, take a look at Pantone’s palette recommendations, but be bold enough to try new combinations. Hesitant? Pantone has already teamed up with up-and-coming brands and companies, such as Copenhagen Design, Cariuma, Govee, and MONOCHROME, for year-long, limited-edition collaborations. Moreover, Microsoft has also joined the party with “custom Teams backgrounds, Windows wallpapers, a new Edge theme, and a PowerPoint template infused with Very Peri.” Whether it’s part of your rebranding strategy, your visual communication, or a client project you’re working on, make sure to fuse a bit of Very Peri in your work. The colour will give your visuals a fresh, contemporary feel and reassure your place amongst industry trendsetters.

3. The dance of warm and cold: build on tradition to discover new perspectives

Very Peri is a colour that stems from the physical world (think of periwinkle, lavender, and lilac) and reaches its potential in the digital world while maintaining interaction between the two. Let’s not throw out the baby with the bathwater: the process of digital transformation has to happen on solid company values. Think of quality, precision, scalability, transparency, and trustworthiness as the main pillars which should reemerge in your digital journey. Anchoring your transition in a solid strategy and foundation lets you take more considerable digital risks in the new year.

4. Be dynamic enough to uncover new, uncharted territories

This year is so full of possibilities, Pantone decided to invent a new colour to match its potential. Jokes aside, although we still live with the pandemic blues, the urge to shift gears towards optimism is more crucial than ever, both on a personal and professional level. Very Peri is a call to action to find your Blue Ocean, discover novel growth opportunities, and imagine trajectories you haven’t traced before. To find success in your digital transformation journey, you need to stay flexible as the ever-changing face of digital requires a high level of adaptability. Through trial and error and quick recoveries, you will grasp the best methods and strategies which bring you the desired results. The key is to stay in motion.

Do you feel inspired by this year’s colour? Learn to use Very Peri’s inspiration in your daily work and broader business endeavours, too. You might just discover new doors waiting to be opened in your digital transformation journey.

Technical information

Pantone 17–3938

Hex: #6667AB
CMYK: 40, 40, 0, 33
RGB: R:102 G:103 B:171

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