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The Case

Egnosis is an established IT company delivering uniquely engineered industrial software solutions. The company, renowned for its excellence on the international level, has been providing high-value-added services for over 14 years. But as they have reached new professional heights in the field of bioinformatics and systems medicine, they felt the necessity to revamp their brand, making it more expressive to accurately reflect its personality as a strong, agile, and innovative organisation with the power of community-building.

The Solution

As a result of our partnership, the Cognitive Creators team have created an authentic and strong brand image emphasising Egnosis’ deep-rooted values and driving dynamics. Through a comprehensive rebranding process, from concept ideation to implementation, honed by a solid digital strategy, we have been able to align their long-term goals with short-term tactics.

Change Comes from Within…

When getting to know Egnosis and the charismatic people behind it, it becomes clear in a jiffy that they either go big or go home. Whatever they do, they give their all in their continuous pursuit of excellence. Imagine test-shooting a scene for the company’s brand video with a horse walking downhills on sandy ground. Then the CEO himself gets down in the sand to cover the hoofprints of the horse with his bare hands so that everything looks neat for the next take. That’s what pure devotion looks like.

It was a bit similar with the rebranding as well. The decision-makers of Egnosis have long been thinking about renewing the brand’s core elements, but they felt the time had never been quite right to bring this project to perfection. Not until 2022, when the company reached new professional heights in the field of research informatics. Partaking in 3 projects under the renowned Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Programme showed Egnosis’ readiness to position itself more accurately on the market with a new brand identity.

…And Sometimes, by Force of the Market

Of course, the inner urge to undergo a rebranding of this magnitude must be backed up by cold strategic considerations. Especially in the IT industry, building a strong brand image could mean the difference between thriving and bankruptcy. Here are the three most crucial reasons why brand-building is gaining momentum in the global IT scene:

  • Competition is insane.1
  • Talent acquisition is tough.2
  • Employee retention goes beyond good salaries.3

¹ According to the Information Technology Global Market Report by The Business Research Company, the IT market is expected to grow to $11 trillion by 2027.

² A report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that employment in the IT industry is projected to grow 15% from 2021 to 2031, much faster than the average for all occupations.

³ According to a study by the Society for Human Resource Management, companies with strong employer brands have lower turnover rates and higher levels of employee engagement.

We knew that with so many companies vying for market share and talent, it’s more important than ever for IT companies to develop a strong brand that helps them stand out and attract top talent through articulating its culture, values and vision. Ultimately, when employees see that their company is attracting top talent, they may be more likely to stay with the company as well.

Egnosis quickly understood these highly intertwined factors, but needed guidance in synthesising their goals and pairing them with strategic directions. It wasn’t about getting a whole wardrobe of trendy new clothes, more like tailoring the pre-loved ones to fit better and last even longer.

That’s where the Cognitive Creators team came into play. Eager to create an authentic brand image, carry out all stages of the rebranding process from concept ideation to implementation and support them all along the journey, we invoked our tried and true, 3-pillar methodology.

Inspiration, Preparation, Creation

The first pillar, conducting brand workshops, allowed for a clear representation of the brand’s core elements, such as redefined vision, mid- and long-term objectives, the brand’s position on the competitive landscape and the major guidelines of its revamped visual identity. Through focused and collaborative sessions, we were able to lay the strong groundwork of strategic planning for brand growth. In the process, we also identified potential roadblocks that could impede progress, giving us a head-start on devising an action plan.

The second pillar, creating the brand strategy, was like outlining the image we formed during the workshops on the canvas, to guide us all throughout the rebranding process. We pinpointed Egnosis’ specific targets and milestones and drew out the steps needed to achieve them. We also took into account the ever-changing landscape of the market and kept an eye on the relevant competition to make sure our strategy was well-grounded and able to pivot as needed.

The final pillar, implementation, was the masterstroke: transforming the strategy into a piece of art. With Egnosis’s day-to-day contribution, we spent the better part of 2022 brainstorming, discussing, writing, designing, shooting and publishing all that made up the recharged brand identity. We kept a watchful eye on progress, to be able to identify the areas that needed fine-tuning and make quick adjustments to keep the show on the road.

Beyond the methodology, what helped both Egnosis and the CC team the most along the way was to be flexible and adaptable, allowing us to respond to changes in the business environment while remaining focused on achieving the objectives and deliverables set out in the workshops.

The New Brand Elements: Like a Phoenix Soaring to New Heights

Just as the phoenix is reborn from the remains of its predecessor, Egnosis’ rebranding marks a new beginning with renewed energy and commitment to its mission. More than that, a chance to shed old skin, evolve and adapt to changing times, and capture new opportunities.

Without attempting to present the new brand elements of Egnosis in their entirety, read on to discover a few of the most prominent changes.


No matter how much they loved their old name, Gnome Design didn't fully represent the company's essence. Egnosis, on the other hand, embodies the company's proficiency and engagement in bioinformatics and systems medicine. The Greek word “gnosis”, meaning “knowledge”, is the foundation of the name, and the added "e" for "engineering" denotes the company's meticulous and diligent approach to work.

The most watchful of you might have noticed how the old name and the new one sound a bit alike. No coincidence here. Egnosis kept three letters from Gnome Design as a hidden nod to its original brand identity.

Engineering + Knowledge = Egnosis, the right new name for the company


Egnosis' new tagline, “Inspired by science. Driven by IT.”, is more than just a catchy phrase, it serves as the company's mission statement. It clearly highlights their commitment to R&D projects, their expertise in tech, and their human-centred approach to work.

Visual Identity

Egnosis is a company that prides itself on its precision and reliability, as reflected in its new logo and visual identity. The logo, based on the combination of circle and square shapes incised into each other on a five-by-five grid, is designed to appear lively yet also convey engineering precision.

The primarycolours of red and gold are chosen to represent energy, passion, success and high quality, while the use of grey and dark blue as auxiliary colours adds a touch of elegance and modernity to the overall feel.

As for the imagery, there’s a certain duality that springs from the very personality of Egnosis and the people working there: being highly techy and meticulous, but also being adventurous and human. So one range of the imagery represents science, development and networks, while the other offers a glimpse into the team's everyday life and joint experiences.


The Egnosis brand story has never been told before. We felt that conveying a powerful narrative that highlights the company’s main qualities, and beyond that, the very emotions that have been weaving it through over the years is the only way to go. So after hours of engaging with the Egnosis team and immersing ourselves in their hearty anecdotes, the CC team was determined to bring the rich history and dynamic personality of the brand to life. As we delved deeper into building the Egnosis brand story, we captured the essence of the company in the inherent symbiosis between seemingly opposing worlds: human and technology, passion and diligence, natural force and innovation.

This motive echoes through each major content cluster published during the rebranding, but the most striking one (and the team’s favourite) is clearly the brand video. Here you go:

How’s This for a Happy Ending?

At the end of September 2022, Egnosis and Cognitive Creators organised a brand launch event that was a resounding success, where we managed to introduce the new brand to the audience in-depth and create a lasting impression. The attendees had the opportunity to learn more about the company, its vision, and its approach to research informatics, and they were able to see how the new brand elements align with Egnosis’ values, which they honoured with overwhelmingly positive feedback. The event was the icing on the cake, our shared happy ending…

…Actually, no. The launch event was merely the first page of the book, with many more chapters to follow. As for Egnosis, more promising achievements are about to come, as the long-term brand strategy continues to be carried out.

Emese Csóti

Creative Content Strategist, Cognitive Creators
Which is more challenging: building a new shiny house from scratch with creative freedom or renovating a 19th-century villa, breathing history through its walls? The same dilemma applies when defining a new brand’s identity and rebranding projects. Either way, we were genuinely excited to join in on this adventure with Egnosis for two reasons: 1. our creative and growth-oriented strategy enabled us to bring new ideas to the table which were heard and valued, 2. from the first workshop until the last bit of video editing, our mutual appreciation for each other’s expertise grew throughout the entire process.

Béla Bihari

Genaral Manager, Egnosis
Cognitive Creators, with their full palette of services, supported our rebranding process with a dedicated, customer-focused approach. Whether it be market analysis or delivering marketing materials, their work was based on the same values as ours: high quality and precision.


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