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Turning the Little Emperors Website into a 5-Star Online Destination
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Website Reimplementation within the Next.js framework
Website Performance and SEO Optimisation
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The Case

Little Emperors is a UK-based online hotel membership club for luxury lovers, with approximately 4,000 partnering hotels across the globe. As a company that knows that luxury can come in the smallest things, they wanted to maintain this indulgent, airy feeling throughout the entire experience they provide to their clients. Unfortunately, the first impact with the company's website wasn't all that luxurious in terms of usability. So Little Emperors turned to Cognitive Creators for help in reimplementing their existing WordPress-based website in the Next.js framework to provide a deluxe experience to visitors right from the beginning.

The Solution

The reconstruction of the Little Emperors website was much like a VIP upgrade to a suite, complete with a butler and complimentary champagne. To make this happen as soon as possible, our minds were set on a fast, seamless, and precise project delivery based on measurable performance indicators.

Follow the Light(house)

To pinpoint the areas of the Little Emperors website that were most in need of improvement, we employed the trusty tool of web page quality auditing: Google Lighthouse. As it turned out, the website's performance fell short in all four key categories:

  • Performance: how quickly pages load;
  • Accessibility: how easily visitors with any type of disability can access the content of the site;
  • Best practices: how well pages are built according to modern web development standards;
  • SEO: how well the page is optimised for Search Engine Results ranking.

As you can see from the reds and oranges of the graph below, the Lighthouse scores prior to our collaboration were pretty far from a 5-star level.

Happily enough, by the time we handed over the project, Lighthouse was shining bright green lights on the website in all four assessment categories.

But Make Sure You Have Company

Of course, the merit is shared. Together with the Little Emperors crew, we orchestrated an extensive transformation of their website, turning it into a high-class online destination that guests will eagerly flock to. Their revamped website design was like the inspired work of a hotel interior designer, while our technical skills were akin to the diligent work of a hotel engineer ensuring everything was running smoothly.

Our workflow was a well-oiled machine, characterised by mutual adaptability and a shared understanding of the end goal, where both parties were always prepared to lend a helping hand to one another.

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3 October 2022
Project Kick-off & Planning
Release 1-3 (Website Reimplementation)
19-27 October 2022
2 November 2022
Release 4 (UI Updates)
Release 5 (Performance and SEO Optimisations)
3 November 2022
8 December 2022
Minor Updates (based on the client feedback and API changes) & Project Handover