“We are a Long-Standing, Flourishing Brand, Why Would We Invest in Branding?”

Popular Concerns vs Facts about Investing in Brand Video Production

Csóti Emese

Digital Content Strategist

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The Era of Shrinking Attention Spans

If Video Marketing is the Pond, then a Brand Video is our Golden Fish

Popular Concerns vs Facts about Investing in Brand Video Production

  1. Necessity of branding despite brand success
  2. High production costs, uncertain conversion potential
  3. Investing in creative concepts with unclear future standing
  4. Unpredictable audience response to brand videos

The Era of Shrinking Attention Spans

“Consumers’ attention span keeps shortening, so it’s more important than ever for brands to stand out and make a lasting impression.”

Here’s an opening that does exactly the opposite of what it is telling us.

The last thing it does is stand out. 

For someone within the digital marketing industry, this state of alert has been hanging over for years now as a daunting nightmare about forgetting to turn off the stove. 

All this being said, it does not make it less true. At the risk of losing your attention with a dull opening, we’re about to cover one particular spot regarding value creation in branding, where the fight is bloody for catching even a single eyelid flutter from the audience.

Just reverse this image. Brands fight for attention and better engagement, but we can also approach it from the audience's perspective. Because this whole concept really feels like a Prodigy concert where literally everyone is trying to get in the front row at the cost of losing an arm. And, hey, there’s a bunch of them who make it.

On this same upbeat note, I’d like to highlight one specific element when deciding to take better care of your branding strategy. And that is exploring the key reasons why even established and prospering brands with years under their belts would benefit from having a brand video.

If Video Marketing is the Pond, then a Brand Video is our Golden Fish

Brand videos can see the light of day at different stages in a brand’s lifecycle. Be it newly-formed, emerging brands that aim for a strong introduction to a specific market building their awareness through powerful video marketing assets. Or in the case of established brands, a brand video’s role is to reinvigorate the brand and reach a new or wider audience. But it is one of the few video assets that goes beyond reach and metrics that are to be measured in the short term. Unlike the vast majority of video content of this 2-second social media world, it ushers us toward trust and real connectivity with a relevant and quality audience.

Popular Concerns vs Facts about Investing in Brand Video Production

#1 Our company’s sales record is solid, and we’ve been successful for years both in the physical and digital markets. Why would we need to invest in branding, especially with brand videos?

This argument might be very true at the moment. But those who build on customer loyalty and strengthening trust and emotional connection with their audience are in for the long haul. The brand video is an opportunity to articulate the brand’s core values, organisational culture, and mission outside the About page. It goes beyond words and enables brands to tell their story in their unique way, reflecting their authentic voice and personality, without the pressure of being bullish and pushing the message of “Buy now”. However, it remains very important to look at it considering the big picture within a holistic brand strategy and only then decide whether to take that leap.

#2 Isn’t it too expensive? The production costs are too high, and I don’t see it converting any time soon.

You’ve touched the right nerve here: when is it going to pan out? Well, there is no short answer to this one. Instead, look at it from the perspective of Brand and Demand Marketing. Most marketers lean towards short-term results because those can be captured faster and easier than brand-building metrics. While Demand Marketing aims to create urgency around specific services/products to drive short-term growth, Brand Marketing focuses on creating memorable links between the brand and relevant buying situations to achieve long-term results. In order to ensure steady and sustainable growth, businesses are advised to take a balanced approach in their marketing efforts. According to IPA Database, targeting existing customers in isolation results in stagnation. However, expanding the targeting strategy with new customers will drive faster and more insulated growth. Although balancing out loyalty-building and acquisition is recommended, there are instances where your strategy requires a heavier focus on one over the other. So when you recognise the necessity of a shift towards Brand Marketing and creating links with new customers, it is time to consider creative assets that have a long-lasting impact on your target audience. That is the phase where brand videos can be the most effective link, consciously strengthening your brand awareness and investing in long-term results. 

#3 I don’t even know where we’ll be standing in 5 years. Why would I go for a creative concept now?

That is where your question is 100% valid, and the answer to this one is a clear negative: don’t go for it. Like any branding asset, the brand video has to be timely, relevant, and, again, aligned with the overall brand strategy. So before jumping right into production, you have to take a few deep breaths and a few steps back. If you are having a hard time articulating the direction of where you are headed, it means that you don’t have a proper brand strategy in place. Brand strategy means knowing your goals and objectives for your business, the USP, the key messages and values that you stand by, the most appropriate channels where you can break through and an overall picture of your growth trajectory. Only then comes the moment to consider such a powerful tool as a brand video or any other creative concept. The brand strategy also serves as the foundation through which you can meticulously plan the finer details of your creative concepts. This includes determining the number of brand videos, their frequency of release, and selecting the appropriate formats that best align with your overall strategy.

You’re not expected to predict the future, but the guidelines of your own brand and its lifecycle most definitely need to be considered. So, take the time to solidify your brand strategy first before diving into any robust creative concepts like a brand video.

#4 How can I know that my audience will engage with and respond positively to brand videos?

Well, for starters, Wyzowl’s latest annual State of Video Marketing Report says that 91% of people want to see more video content from brands. Okay, that in itslef clearly doesn't guarantee that your specific brand video will resonate with your audience. However, there are steps you can take to validate its positive reception among customers. Start by gaining a clear understanding of your target personas' media consumption habits. Are they avid consumers of short-form video content found while scrolling through platforms like TikTok? Or do they prefer longer narratives and occasionally invest time in watching 10-minute videos on platforms like YouTube? To gather this info, you can conduct market research within your industry or even employ short online surveys. Once you’ve found reassurance that video content aligns with your audience’s preferences, you can get down to writing a killer script that tells your unique story. But hold your horses for just a bit longer. Before launching a brand video on a large scale, it’s best to conduct small-scale user tests with a representative sample of your target audience (yes, you can do that with videos as well just like you would test software products). Collect feedback and assess their response to the video so that you can refine the content to become/stay relevant and top-of-mind for your larger audience. It’s still cheaper to make improvements on the go rather than restart production after an unsatisfactory reception.

When faced with the question of why invest in branding, the answer reveals itself in the undeniable value it brings to the table. Investing in branding, including the creation of a brand video, becomes a strategic imperative when you consider the key benefits it offers. It allows you to articulate your core values and tell your brand story in a compelling manner, extending beyond the limitations of an About page. By leveraging the power of a brand video, you can build trust and establish recognition with new audiences, making a lasting impression that resonates on an emotional level. Moreover, it ensures that your brand stays relevant and top-of-mind for potential customers, helping you maintain a competitive edge in a fast-paced and crowded marketplace.

However, bear in mind that a brand video's efficacy is intertwined with your brand strategy. Don't hastily leap onto the bandwagon of “let’s do it because everyone else is doing it”, or risk transforming your YouTube channel into a solemn graveyard of forgotten brand videos. Be intentional, be strategic, and plan for lasting results.

If your curiosity has been piqued, explore the process of creating high-ROI brand videos!

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